High Adventure Course

High Adventure Course 1Starts with a Cocoon Tube Net climb, then participants will face 3 or 4 challenge elements that can include:  Raider Bridge, Pirates Crossing, Burma Bridge, The Vines,  Cat Walk, and Free Raider Bridge. The adventure will finish with a Single 320ft Zipline to exit the course.  For a minimum group size of 15 participants this activity is approximately 2 hours. This course was made possible by Comporium.



Gravity Zip

featued-adventuresThis 320 ft zipline is not your standard zipline. While on belay, you have to climb up a large oak tree using the aid of staples to a platform located 38 ft in the air. You are then greeted by an instructor that will then connect you to the zip line and take you off belay. It is then up to you to take the plunge off the platform to ride high above your friends. This element was made possible by The Chuck Foley Memorial Foundation.


Giant Swing

AdventureHighLowRopes_SwingThe Giant Swing is a high ropes team element that is guaranteed to get your blood rushing! You are hoisted 25 ft in the air by your “friends” and then…ALL you have to do is pull the rip cord which is followed by you free falling back and forth on 2 aircraft cables that are attached to two trees.



For more Information on the High Rope Elements course, please call 803.327.6932