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How do I know this zipline is safe?

Woman gliding across a zipline at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tours in South Carolina

Participant safety is our number one concern at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour. We go above and beyond the standards that are set for the zip line industry by ANSI/ACCT.

Our zipline course was built by the vendor Signature Research. They are professionals in building challenge courses and ziplines all over the world.

It is important to understand that ziplines are dynamic elements, meaning that they change with the season, weather, pressure, and many other variables, so we take these steps to make sure our elements are the safest they can be, given that ziplining is inherently dangerous.

Here are some of the steps we take to ensure course safety before any participant rides our zipline:

  1. Every year, Signature visits our canopy tour and does an in-depth inspection of the course, noting things we need to add or change based on the standards of the ANSI/ACCT.
  2. Quarterly, our Adventure Manager does the same detailed inspection on all of the elements, taking special note of tasks to upkeep the course.
  3. At the start of each day, our guides put hands on all of the bolts and lines in the element to ensure the safety and security of the zipline for your tour.
  4. After the lines have been cleared for safety, our guides are the first to ride them before the start of your tour.
  5. Following the success of your tour, the guides debrief the tours of the day and make note of anything that needs to be looked at in the future.

It’s also important to note that we have all of our guests “test” out of ground school. This is a comprehensive zipline course to make sure visitors can operate comfortably and do things like slow down and brake before we put them on the zipline.

These are just a few of the ways we work to ensure course safety at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour. We want all of our zip liners to have a memorable experience and following zip line safety standards is our top priority.

We hope this overview of our zipline safety check process has eased your mind. Contact us if you have any additional questions and be sure to check out our post about how to prepare for a Zipline Canopy Tour.

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