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Ziplining Comfortably When It’s Hot

Woman doing a cool pose on a zipline through the tree canopy at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour near Charlotte

As we move into the warmer months many people, like you, are making exciting summer plans. And with those hot summer days, it can be helpful to have a few tips and tricks to enjoy the warmer weather activities. In Canaan’s case, zip lining can still be a really fun activity even when the temps are high!


What to Wear

A couple preparing to zipline at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour near Charlotte NC

Wearing thin and breathable activewear tops and bottoms can really help your body wick away moisture and keep you cool. Headbands and bandanas on your head can also help absorb sweat and keep it out off your face and out of your eyes. Moisture wicking socks can also help keep your feet from getting too hot and sweaty. It’s a small thing but the little differences add up to greater comfort.


What not to Wear

While not restricted, short shorts, crop tops, or tank tops with narrow shoulder straps create areas where the harness can rub against your skin. Additionally, even in warmer weather you’re still required to wear close toed and close heeled shoes. So keep the flip flops and crocs at home and bring your favorite tennis shoes.

And always feel free to check with your chosen outfitter to see if they have any other clothing restrictions or suggestions.


What to Eat

a bunch of different types of food on a table

Eating heavy, greasy foods before your tour can really make you feel gross when you get in the hot sun. Stick to light and healthy foods before your tour and enjoy the heavier meals after your zip lining adventure. 


What to Drink

Water is your best drink choice for any outdoor adventure. Drinks that help replenish electrolytes can also be a great option but try to avoid sugary drinks. Canaan offers cold water at 2 different spots during your tour and a complimentary bottled water at the end of the tour.

Avoid alcoholic beverages before your canopy tour. Outdoor outfitters, like Canaan, will not allow participants to ride while under the influence of alcohol(or drugs, for that matter.)


Little Extras

A man pouring water on a neck wrap to keep him cool while zip lining

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You can often find little extras like neck wraps that hold water and help cool you down. Don’t downplay the small things that bring comfort.

Sunscreen and bug spray- both are great little extras to help you feel more comfortable on your tour. However, be sure to never spray sunscreen or bug spray near the canopy tour equipment. Aerosol sprays, especially deet, can ruin challenge course equipment. And sometimes with only one spray!

Zip lining is an incredible experience that’s sure to be a highlight of your summer adventures. And with the tips above you can make your canopy tour fun even in hot weather.