Zipline Tour Minutes from Charlotte, NC

Embrace the adventure and zip back and forth across the beautiful Catawba River on a guided South Carolina zipline canopy tour.

  • Full Tour: Ascend a 70 foot tower and embrace the adventure of nine ziplines and challenge elements, including a 900 ft. zip. The Full Tour will take approximately three hours. $89
  • Bootleg Tour: Need an introduction to the Zipline Canopy Tour? No problem, just try the Bootleg Tour. Ascend a 70 foot tower then experience the first five ziplines of our canopy tour. If you decide you want to keep going just let your guide know and you can upgrade to the full tour for an additional fee. $65
group of zipliners standing over camera

About Us

Don’t just dream of flying anymore, make it your favorite pastime at South Carolina’s scenic Zipline Canopy Tour, just minutes from Charlotte, NC. Home to many exciting outdoor adventures and retreat opportunities, Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour is a high-flying adventure for all ages that you won’t want to miss!