Safety Standards

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At the Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour, your safety is our highest priority.  The safety of our participants is our greatest concern and therefore we have identified the inherent risks of adventure sports and specifically zipline canopy tours. Course construction and all facilitation is in accordance with the guidelines provided by ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology).

  • Chevron down Construction + Equipment
    • Our canopy course is designed and built by Signature Research Inc.
    • All elements, lumber, and hardware materials meets or exceeds ACCT standards.
    • We perform daily inspections of the course and equipment before tours begin.
    • All equipment is inspected after every tour for irregularities.
    • All equipment usage is logged after each tour and is retired in accordance with ACCT standards of usage.
    • The canopy tour is inspected annually by Signature Research Inc.
  • Chevron down Guide Training
    • All tour guides go through a rigorous training taught by Signature Research each year.
    • All tour guides are required to have a minimum of two years experience in challenge course and belay facilitation.
    • All training is done on site and in various conditions.
  • Chevron down Facilitation
    • Two canopy guides accompany every group throughout the tour.
    • All guests are instructed on technique before the tour begins in our Ground School.
    • Tour guides handle all equipment transfers on the canopy tour.
    • Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour utilizes a redundant attachment system in accordance with ACCT standards. Guests are never unclipped during the tour.
    • In the case of an emergency during the tour, exits have been created on the course where medical attention can be provided immediately.