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How to Prepare for Your Zipline Canopy Tour

two girls getting ready to go ziplining at Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour near Charlotte

Booking a zipline canopy tour can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. But preparing ahead of time and knowing what to expect before you arrive can be a big help with your nerves as well as show courtesy to the zipline tour outfitter and the other guests on your tour. 

Make Sure It’s the Right Experience for You

Some canopy tours are geared toward the adrenaline lover while others are geared toward the first-time zip liner. Find an experience that fits your comfort level. It’s always wise to start small and work your way up. Canaan Zipline offers two options–our Bootleg Tour is a five-zip experience for the first-timer while our Full Tour adds 4 more zips for those more comfortable with zip lining. The bootleg also offers an upgrade option for anyone hesitant about a full tour at first.

Group of girls learning to zipline at Canaan Zipline Tours near Charlotte


Read the Policies

It’s wise to look over weather and cancellation policies before you book. You’ll also typically learn about policies regarding:

  1. Cell phones
  2. Observers- as in friends/family that want to watch but not participate
  3. Recording devices such as GoPros
  4. Weight, age, and height restrictions

Book Ahead

Always book ahead if the location allows. Especially in the warmer months, showing up and hoping to get a spot is a risky move. It can also be a big letdown if you build up the courage to go but you can’t get on the tour. If it’s a last-minute, day of adventure, call before you go. 

Sign Your Waiver(s)

Waivers are a common practice for canopy tours. Like Canaan, some outfitters allow you to fill out the waiver prior to coming but some require you to fill it out when you check-in. If you have the option, fill it out early to make your check-in time faster.

Dress Appropriately

Not only should you dress for the weather, but you should also dress for wearing a harness and helmet. Short shorts don’t feel comfortable with a harness on and hair in a high bun doesn’t let a helmet fit your head properly. It’s also common for outfitters to still operate in light rain. So bring a raincoat and enjoy a different experience of zipping in the rain! For tips on zip lining in the cold, check out this blog post!

Arrive on Time

Check with your specific outfitter about the expected arrival time. Some outfitters, like Canaan, ask guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled tour. That gives us time to check waivers and you time to use the bathroom and store your belongings. Additionally, it’s courteous to the other guests on your tour so everyone can start on time.

Zipline instructor teaching kids proper form at Zipline Canopy Tours near Charlotte

Embrace the Learning

Whether it’s your first time or 10th-time zip lining, know that it’s ok to get nervous. A professional guide will walk you through your fear, help you have a good experience, and teach you how to stay safe. With each zip you do, it gets a little easier on the next one. 

Leave a Tip and a Review

At Canaan, we always say “tips are appreciated but never expected.” Tips are a kind gesture to guides if you had a great experience. Additionally, outfitters always appreciate good feedback. It’s how we learn to make your experience better!

It’s always ok to give your outfitter a call and ask questions. We’re here to help. Being informed and prepared can give you the confidence to have a great time on the course.