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How to Work Through Your Fear of Heights on a Zipline


Being a high adventure outfitter, Canaan Adventure Guides have worked with countless people to help them walk through their fear of heights. And working through your fear of heights can expand your comfort zone to include new adventures you may not have considered before. With a little determination and some help from the tips below, you can join us for a fear conquering time zip lining in Rock Hill!

Ask Questions

One way to help your fear is to be informed about the outfitter you’re interested in visiting. Ask questions especially related to staff training and equipment. Even a basic understanding of their safety precautions can be a big reassurance for you as you’re on the course. And don’t be afraid to ask if the course is more geared toward first timers, experienced guests, or somewhere in between. If it’s for experienced guests, find a course better suited for your level of comfort. For more info on Canaan’s equipment and inspections, take a look at our blog “Is Zip Lining Safe?

Bring a Friend (or Friends)

a little boy that is standing in the grassBring a friend who will encourage you and walk (or zip) with you through your fear. An encouraging friend can be a calming presence and make your experience easier. Got a group of friends willing to brave the canopy tour with you? Bring your closest friends and make a day of it! Working through a shared fear with your friends can strengthen your friendships. And after your tour, reward yourself with a delicious lunch or dinner in downtown Rock Hill! Your guides are happy to recommend their local

It’s Ok to Be Scared!

Everybody has nervous moments. Know that it’s completely ok to feel scared during your tour. I always tell first time zip liners the same thing- each time you zip it gets a little easier. But being scared or nervous is completely normal and expected. Don’t feel down on yourself for not getting it the first time. Each time you do a little more, your comfort zone grows. It can take a few tries to find yourself “comfortable” with doing things at height. Additionally, everyone has different interests. If yours isn’t zip lining, that’s ok. Find what you enjoy that challenges you and expands your comfort zone.

Avoid Caffeine Before Your Tour

a necklace on a tableStudies show that while caffeine alone does not cause anxiety it can worsen anxiety you already have. And if you’re anxious about riding a zip line then drinking a cup of coffee can make you feel more anxious. As a result, you may find it more difficult to ride the zip line. You can always grab that coffee or coke after your tour. WebMD Link

Read Cancellation Policies Before You Book

Although some guests get nervous and decide last minute not to go, many outfitters will adhere to their cancellation policies. Remember, by booking with an outfitter, you’ve taken a spot no one else can fill. Cancellation policies are often laid out on the outfitters website, if not just ask. Some allow room for nervous guests to try again another day without paying extra. But knowing before you book is always wise. For information on Canaan’s cancellation policies click here. Zip lining is a fun and exciting experience and Canaan Adventure Guides love to take first timers on the course. By being prepared, you can have an exciting time working through your fear of heights!